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Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Small Business

As we approach the end of 2015, we are helping business clients anticipate what 2015 income will look like, what will their upcoming tax liability be, and what to do now in order to close out 2015 in the best tax position.  There are a number of considerations that come into play.

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals

Our previous blog discussed year-end tax planning for small businesses, noting that pass-through entities cannot accurately estimate their tax liability without first plugging in K-1 income and deductions to the owners' 1040.

This blog will focus on year-end tax

Gearing up for the ACA’s information reporting requirements

Starting in 2016, applicable large employers (ALEs) under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have to file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C to provide information to the IRS and plan participants regarding their health care benefits for the previous year. Both the forms and their instructions are now avail