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Frankel Zacharia clients receive an innovative perspective, practical advice, and a history of success. Since 1959, our business and individual clients have thrived on our expertise and vision.

Services Are

Surprisingly Broad

Our range of service options will surprise you: wealth management advice, technology consulting, international taxes. You see, it’s not just taxes we do well. Visit our services page to get the full picture.

team is

Always Advancing

Education is incredibly important to us. Our professionals are sent far and wide to strengthen their expertise. Always evolving – always implementing the latest technology to improve our workflow. Would you like to join our team?

Meet Our

Talented Team

Innovative thinking, problem-solving, thoughtful planning – all requisites for each of our 60-person staff. We go beyond those, though. You will experience personable and helpful professionals, eager to work with you, and respond quickly to your needs.